Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Auto Insurance

Its the end of the year, December month again, with all the thanks giving meals, presents and holidays, i guess the kids kinda enjoyed the most as it also falls on the month of their school holidays as well. But normally for adults, it meant that the mark of the end of the year and a beginning of a new era which will be starting pretty soon as well, now when that comes by, i mean January comes back, it also meant, one will have to consider on renewing their insurance too.

Well, there is so much insurance that one will have to renew when it comes to the start of a new year and insurance like health, property, motor car and many others down the pipeline. As for me, i'm gonna have to renew my health insurance like everyone of you out there. When one talks about insurance coverage, one will have to go crack their head and think whether or not, they should consider changing to new and better plans or stick with the old one, i guess sometimes, there are perks for you to enjoy when you do upgrade your policies and not changing it, which my insurance agent has been telling me that i will lose out in the end if i were to terminate my health insurance policies which i have a couple of it on hand. Hence, for me, i'll just renew them yearly and saves me the headache of looking for one that is good and reliable.

Fret now, if you are looking to compare the best auto insurance online , because this website gives you the "How and Tips" of getting one's auto mobile covered. Really very interesting is that you just have to input in your postal codes or zip codes and it'll bring you to a form where you fill it in and then you can start comparing and get the best possible quotes around...

If i were you, i'll grab this opportunity and look no further...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best Travel Deals online

I love traveling, be it on the road, on the train, on the plane or on the ferry. I just came back from my Taiwan trip and i really kinda of beginning to like this country and i meant alot. Now, i personally do not have too much money on hand or have a high pay salary to let me travel every now and then. Hence, i will try ways and means to hop on a
low cost travel method and fulfill my traveling wishes and so if you try hard enough and find it, you'll surely find it yourselves. If you wanna find out ways, continue to read my blog below.

There are many ways and means to engage in getting low cost travel, of course the easiest ways are logging onto the website to look for those good and cheap tickets be it air, land or sea. I guess the hardest thing is that to find one reliable and honest website to engage with. I found one that quite fit the bill and looks decent enough. It has travel tips to give to all its travelers whom logs into their website, any questions pertaining to travel deals like hotel or cars, you can direct them to this portal.

I personally feels that one don't have to look far and wide but begin from this low cost travel portal itself and find out suitable for one and all whom loves traveling just like me. Now traveling don't have to be high cost be it on land, air or sea, just log onto their website portal and one can really find some very good deals that is dished out to one and all. I wished i had done so earlier and found this website and i know i would have saved alot of money by then....

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Auto Insurance Quotes

You know, i travel alot in these recent years. I just love the freshness and different angles i can discover whenever i go traveling, be it with friends or traveling alone by myself. However, there are at times, when i witness accidents on the road, that i will start to cringe and fear for the party involved in those bloody accidents on the road, that they had better have good auto insurance quotes given to them and hopefully, they would have bought some to insure themselves against such situations there and then.

There are third world countries, which i had the privilege to explore and enjoy its beauty and nature but whenever one sees those traffic congestion, jams, one gets to think and pray that no bloody accidents had happened on those roads that we are traveling. I remember seeing one country where one whole family of around 5-6 members sitting on a motor-cycle on the road and best of all, without helmets put on. If you were in my country, such acts will definitely be met with a fine. And secondly, i wonder if its mandatory to have a auto insurance bought by everyone whom uses the road, i hope that they had a good auto insurance quotes given to them and have bought them to insure themselves. I really hate to see the entire family sitting on those bikes on the road and my heart goes out to them and hope that they had a smooth and peaceful journey to whatever destination that they are bound for.

I guess its the country's way of life and i might have been too critical here, but i understand that a good auto insurance quotes can go a long way especially, it helps to form a safety net for the insurer. One can never be too sure on those roads even in my own country, you can be careful, but once you meet a reckless driver, you are in for a lot of trouble. So, have you bought yours yet?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shopping in Bangkok, shop till you drop!

I shop, shop and shop while i was in Bangkok city. I just luv the shopping experience in this city. Although, every time, i will have to whip out my calculator to punch the conversion rate, you see my maths is very poor....hehehe..:)

I went to MBK, opposite MBK - Siam SQ, so much has changed and oops and also Platinum mall as well. Seems like Singaporeans like to shop in MBK but Siam SQ has this little funky shops all over and i heard even Thai youngsters also luv to shop in this shopping belt.

Siam SQ gives me the feeling of Bugis Street shopping where you see little boutique shops selling clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and etc.... I simple luv this kind of shopping style but too bad, i didn't find anything that fancies my eye...kekeke...

So much for shopping, total things that i purchase was the following:

1) A blue duffel bag which can also act as a haversack too...simple wonderful to carry around and its WATER-PROOF TOO...It is a US brand and its pretty long lasting as well, i have such a bag too and that is why i bought it for its quality....Price - $75++

2) A few pairs of bermudas, T-shirts.

3) Souvenirs for the gal-friend, my god-sister and my own sister as well...Not forgetting the office colleagues and church frens...

Later in the evening, i went to see the Siam Niramit Show hosted by my Thai Operator, nice show with buffet dinner. Show is about the history of Siam and the likes of it. Very interesting, the actors and actresses did a good job...Bravo and kudos to them all...

All in all, it was a good experience for me, i wanna go back again but this time, hopefully other areas of Bangkok.

Okay, this spells the last of my entry for my Thai trip...XOXO till then...

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Parachuting in Coral Island

This morning i woke up and got ready to go to Pattaya's Coral Island. Its about 1 hour journey if you were to take the junk boat but half an hour by speed boat.

Its a lovely island with white sandy beaches but abit too much of tourist. It seems like all tourist has flooded down to coral island to enjoy the sun, sand and sea!

There are also a whole row of mini shops selling all sorts of souvenirs, clothes, t-shirts and of course swim wear for both the men and for the ladies as well. I bought a swimming trunk for myself and it costs 100 baht which is around $4 sin dollars. :D I also bought some souvenirs back for my sister, my godsister and my galfriend.

I want to highlight my experience while taking the parachuting course which lasted a few minutes but really enjoyable and fun. This is my first time i tried this sport and i will try it again if i see one....:D You seem to be having wings soaring thru' the open air in the sky and freedom is yours to choose. But of course, you are driven or pulled by the speed boat down below you as it drags you and that is why, you are able to lift into the air. Its 300 baht per person and everyone that was in my group tried this fun and exciting sport.

This is actually held on a floating platform and the instructors and helpers are on the platform to help you buckle up according to the safety standards and hence its really quite safe to soar in the air....LOL


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bangkok, the land of smiles

Bangkok was never in my birthday itinerary until at a last minute resort where i got no place to go and some resort in Malaysia did not get back to me till now whereby they will host me or not??? If cannot, just say so, i wouldn't get hurt, i will simply not push your resort or bear your resort in mind...:)

Anyway..........I had better things to do than to keep could really bring oneself down and tired as well...LOL So when i learnt that my friend has some cheap tickets to go to Bangkok, i jumped on the opportunity.

It is WINTER in Bangkok now, not that it is snowing or something....but raining quite a bit until it approaches SUMMER time. While, i was there, it rained a bit but not so much that it could dampen my holiday spirit...

My Birthday itinerary as follow:

Day 1 : Early arrival and transfer to Pattaya. Check in to Mecure Pattaya and in the evening watch Alcazar Show

Day 2 : Morning part - visit Coral Island with Lunch. Afternoon part - free and easy

Day 3 : Morning part - Depart Pattaya and visit my operator's office. Afternoon part - Shopping. Evening part - Watch Siam Niramit Show and dinner plus more shopping at Suan Lum Night Market.

Day 4 : Morning part - Hotel inspection. Afternoon part - Shopping at Platinum Mall and HOME SWEET HOME

Although, you may feel tired and exhausted. But at the end of the day, i felt like i have done so much things and i was occupied, tired but happy...

Ok, pixs time. The next round, some pixs of my Coral Island Trip.

My room at Mecure Pattaya, very resort feel....

Pay to get a map of Pattaya and of course pay again for durex condom

The sculptures in front of Alcazar entrance

The female impersonator show

Hard Rock Cafe at Pattaya

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Emperor Hotel Macao & Venetian Macao Resort

Sorry folks for the late entry...LOL

Well, when we are were back to Macao, we took the Grand Emperor Hotel Macao shuttle service from the ferry terminal only to discover that this wasn't the hotel that my land operator has reserved for me. It was reserved at the Emperor Hotel Macao.

Anyway, we took a taxi there and checked right into the hotel as it was approaching dinner time, we walked to a nearby eatery and had our dinner. A stones throw, you can actually see a local supermarket, we bought some local sweets, maggi noodle for tomorrow's breakfast, etc.


This day, we were ready to check out of our hotel. We ate our maggi noodle breakfast and quickly took a walk to Senardo Square. Its a walkway amongst boutique shops selling clothes, shoes, Macao Local Snacks and finally reached St Paul's Church or what is left after a big fire which happened many many years ago. We snapped some photos and left, we even went to the newly opened Yaohan Store for shopping as well.

Actually, our hotel is very near to Holiday Inn Macao which i can recall many many years ago when i was here during my fam trip with Cathay Pacific. They were introducing some new ways of traveling these places.

Ok, we checked out of our hotel and took a cab to Venetian Macao Resort. This resort is super big. With big casinos in its building premises, big boutique shopping malls, restaurants and even a small man-made river to row those little boats just like the ones you see in Venice. You pay a fee and you can board those little luxury boats and i think the guy in the boat will probably sing a song to entertain you..:D

A picture which i took in Venetian Macao Resort

I bought a big purple bag from its boutique shop in Venetian and it only costs me $90 sing dollars only, which is rather cheap. When one is in Venetian Macao, don't forget that it offers free shuttle service for its guest to the nearby airport and even to the ferry terminal.

Okay, xoxo...

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